The idea of Chittagong Boat Club (CBC) was first conceived by the then Chief of Naval Staff of Bangladesh Navy, Late Rear Admiral Sultan Ahmed. The intention was to develop a Club which would perform like an organization where the elites of Maritime Agencies, Civil Industries, Bureaucrats and Military services would enjoy the normal Club facilities including aquatic sports through the Club and also to take part to contribute something for the sea- dependent people while the Club facilities would be fulfleged. Hence, the CBC was registered in the Joint Stock Companies in 1986. Thereafter, the former Chief of Naval Staff of Bangladesh Navy, Late Rear Admiral Sultan Ahmed, inaugurated the CBC on 08 Aug 1990. Bangladesh Navy took lease 5.0 acres of land from Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) to establish the CBC. CPA gave this land beside Marine Academy Jetty at East Patenga. The Club premises have Karnaphuli river on the East and Khal No–11 on the North, Shah Amanat International Airport on South-West, Airforce Base Zahur on West. It has a wonderful panoramic view with hill, river and other natural beauty in the surrounding area. As per Article of Association and Memorandum of Understanding 1913, the Chief of Naval Staff would be the President of CBC. Then, COMBAN (Commodore Commanding BN Flotilla) would be the Vice-President and Later COMCHIT(Commodore Commanding Chittagong) took over the duty of Vice President. Other three Vice-Presidents and 17 members from the Civil Elites and Military Officers formed the Management Committee(The Committee). The Committee proposed to build the CBC Building as per the then master plan vide letter no COMCHIT/CBC-90/1689 dated 10 July 2005 but that master plan could not be realized into actions. Few Club activities were arranged by the Club members various time. For improving environmental effects, plantation was done at Chittagong Boat Club Premises. With the support of Bangladesh Navy Boat Club Accommodation and Store Room was built vide letter no COMCHIT-90/2936 dated 15 Dec 2005. Purchase, sinking and installations of a deep tube- well with a good capacity pump and an overhead tank for storage of water were completed at Chittagong Boat Club (CBC) vide COMCHIT letter no COMCHIT-90/2936 dated 15 Dec 2005.

Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) Chairman Commodore M Farooq, (E), psc, BN agreed to provide one pontoon and one causeway to Chittagong Boat Club. The Managing Director of ,Chittagong Dry Dock Limited (CDDL), Engineer Enamul Hoque Baqui, agreed to build a causeway with fund provided by Chittagong Port Authority. The pontoon is moored in the riverside of the Boat Club and the causeway was later fixed in the present position.

New application for permanent membership of CBC with a subscription fee of Tk 50,000/00 (Taka Fifty Thousand) per member was limited up to 100 members in 2008. But response was superb and a total of 166 persons applied for new permanent membership of CBC along with the subscription fees of Tk 50,000/00 (Taka Fifty Thousand) each. The new age of CBC started while Vice Admiral Zahir Uddin Ahmed took over as President of the Club on January 2009. Under his dynamic leadership and strong commitment Boat Club started to get headway since 2009. The grill house first started operating at Boat Club with a grand ceremony on July 2009 under arrangement of Asian Group. Total 600 members and other civil and military elites and their families attended the function.

The first ever Annual General Meeting of CBC was held on 24 April 2010 at COMMAND MESS in BNS ISSA KHAN. President of Chittagong Boat Club, Vice Admiral Zahir Uddin Ahmed, (ND), ndc, psc, BN presided over the meeting. All the members of CBC were invited. The total attendance was about 150 members. In the new Management Committee was formed where Chief of Naval Staff Vice Admiral Zahir Uddin Ahmed remained as President, Commodore Commanding Chittagong(COMCHIT) the then Commodore Nizamuddin Ahmed,(TAS),ndc,psc remained as Executive Vice President. Chairman Chittagong Port Authority Commodore M Anwarul Islam,(ND),afwc,ndc, psc, Commanding Officer, BNS ISSA KHAN the then Captain Akhtar Habib, (ND),ncc,psc,BN and Mr Salman Ispahani, MD, M M Ispahani became the Vice President of the Club. As per Article of Association, total 12 members and 04 Ex-Officio members Management Committee was formed.

CBC Corporate partners Asian Confidence Cement Limited, Western Marine Shipyard Limited, Elite Paint Limited, Asian Group Limited and Prantic Group Limited, as these partners stepped forward to build the Convention Center, Cruise Vessel, Mini Hallroom, Restaurant and monument, respectively. Under the dynamic leadership of Vice Admiral Zahir Uddin Ahmed the Executive Vice President Commodore Nizamuddin Ahmed immediately removed 14 confiscated customs boats from the Boat Club premises, raised the land about 5 to 8 ft from the river level by earth filling, made the Club house, restaurant, Bar, Poolroom, Mini Hallroom, Ballroom, snooker room, Western Cruise Vessel in shortest possible time. All these asset were inaugurated on the Raising Day of Chittagong Boat Club by the President of the Club Vice Admiral Zahir Uddin Ahmed on 27 January 2012 where the special guest was President Bangladesh Navy Family Welfare Association Begum Shabnam Ahmed.

Present Executive Vice President Commodore Anwarul Islam compeleted the biggest convention center at Chittagong CBC-Confidence cement Convention Center. Under his excellent leadership the upcoming CBC swimming pool, guesthouse are in progress. This Club is affiliated with Cadet College Club and hopefully will be affiliated with Gulshan Club, Uttara Club and Dhaka Club soon. The Club is extending its activity on the opposite bank of the river Karnaphuli at Sarof Bhata near Kaptai. A wonderful cottage has already been established at Kaptai for the Boat Club members. A 14-room wonderful guest house has been built at St Martins for use by the CBC members. A wonderful cottage has also been constructed at Hiran Point for the Boat Club members.


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