Eligibility For Membership


1. Desirous applicant will collect DGFI security clearance form (except armed forces officer) and Application for Membership Form with the payment of Tk.100.00 (Taka one hundred only) from CBC office.

2. The applicant will submit duly filled in security clearance and application for membership form to CBC office.

3. Upon receipt, the form will be scrutinized by Vice President in consultation with the Executive Vice President and Balloting Committee and will be processed to obtain DGFI security clearance (except Armed Forces Officer).

4. On obtaining security clearance from DGFI, CBC Membership Application Form costing Tk.500.00 (Taka five hundred only) will be issued to the applicant.

5. On receipt of duly filled in Membership Application Form, steps will be taken to pass resolution in management Committee Meeting for granting CBC Membership.

6. Upon recommendation of the CBC Vice president, final approval for CBC membership will be obtained from the CBC Executive Vice President.

7. Honorary Secretary/OIC CBC will then prepare CBC Membership Card (Temporary) and invite individual for formal meeting with Executive Vice President/Vice President at BNS ISSA KHAN/CBC office (as appropriate) for introduction.

8. Prepared temporary CBC Membership Card will be over to the new member of CBC at the end of the introductory meeting.







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