Club Rules



1. No resident of Chittagong may be introduced as a guest in the Club.

2. A person, whose application for permanent or temporary membership has been rejected, cannot be introduced as a guest in the club.

3. Only permanent and service members are allowed to introduce non-resident of Chittagong as guest. Every such guest must be signed on in the Guest Book maintained at the Club on each occasion.

4. Guest must be accompanied by the introducing members.

5. Temporary members, candidates for Club membership, Children of members, members of affiliated Clubs and resident guests are not allowed to introduce any guest into the Club.

6. Only Captain, Chief Mate, Chief Engineer and first Officer of a visiting ship can be allowed as guest. Guest cards for ship officers shall be issued from the Club.

7. No person can use the Club as a member’s guest for more than ten days at a time.

8. Members introducing guests into the Club are personally responsible for the conduct of their guests.



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